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Understanding A Bathroom Renovation Time Frame

It is important to develop a decent understanding about the time frame for a bathroom renovation before you jump in head first.

Before proceeding, it’s worthwhile forming realistic expectations of what’s involved, how much to budget for a new bathroom and how the renovation process typically unfolds.

In a nutshell, a bathroom renovation is a complex process that depends upon prompt project management, budget management, effective communication and the succinct art of organising materials and trade professionals in alignment with one another to produce something spectacular.

That’s exactly why you contract a professional bathroom renovation specialist!

How long does it take for a bathroom to be redone?

So, how long does a bathroom renovation take in Sydney? Bathroom renovations in Sydney take anywhere between 2 to 8+ weeks to complete depending on the size, complexity and scale of the project.

Every new bathroom is different, but in this article we will break down each phase of bathroom renovations to give you a rough timeline for renovating your old bathroom.

Time Factors That Can Impact Bathroom Renovations

These time frame averages should just be used as guidelines.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because your bathroom renovation could take more or less time depending on factors such as:

  • the size of your existing bathroom
  • the complexity of the renovation
  • the availability of trade professionals
  • the timeline to source materials
  • and any unplanned or unprecedented events that are out of the renovator’s control
  • structural changes like demolition and re-builds
  • full or partial bathroom renovation
  • major changes like plumbing and/or electrical work
  • use of specialty products like heated flooring, custom-built vanities or custom shower doors, etc

Using Five Phases to Understand Your Bathroom Renovation

  1. Planning and Design
  2. Construction Process
  3. The groundwork for the new bathroom
  4. Fitting your new features
  5. The Finishing touches

Phase 1: Planning and Design

Bathroom Design (1 week)

The design phase is your most important contributing factor that you bring to your bathroom renovation. Take the design phase as an exciting opportunity to have creative input by researching bathroom style ideas and recording features that you’d like to emulate into your new bathroom. This is also an ideal time to determine your bathroom renovation budget.

If you are lacking design inspiration, involve your licensed bathroom renovation company early in the process. You can do this by requesting a no obligation Free Measure & Quote from RJG Group, we have plenty of budget effective ideas.

Sit down with RJG Group to bring your vision and ideas to the table so we can design, customise and conceptualise your new bathroom.

We can develop your bathroom plans, develop a design blueprint and even create virtual 3D rendered designs so you can see what your new bathroom will look and feel like before we commence.

RJG Group exists to help you every step of the way of your bathroom renovation process.

Determine If You Need Permits (1 to 4 weeks)

Depending on your project scope, you may need to apply for council approvals or strata approval. We can help you determine whether you’ll need to be obtaining permits for your bathroom renovation, and help you with the relatively easy paperwork.

Time to Source Materials (1 to 2 weeks)

Once you’ve settled on a dream bathroom design, we can begin ordering new fixtures and fittings to ensure they arrive onsite ahead of the start date.

Total Estimated time for Planning and Design Phase: 1 to 6+ weeks depending on the need for approvals and design scope


Demolition Stage (1 – 2 days)

Demolition or deconstruction of the fixtures and fittings of your old bathroom may take few days. But this may depend on accessibility to the building, waste disposal and whether you’re keeping any existing fittings (plumbing and electrical).

Note: Demolition time can vary depending if asbestos is detected, which must to be professionally removed, adding an additional 1-2 days to schedule.

Structural Rework, Plumbing and Electrical Changes (if required 1 to 4 days)

Now it’s time for the any structural changes that are specified in the design, changes like framing for new windows/niches/supports, new structural beams, installing new sheets to the walls or ceiling, and reworking existing plumbing and electrical to suit the new bathroom design.

Waterproofing and Installing Floor and Wall Tiling (1 week)

Waterproofing is a critical part of every bathroom renovation which must be completed by a qualified waterproofing tradesperson without fault to meet Australian Standards.

Depending on the size and layout of your full bathroom installation, the combined process of screeding, waterproofing, tiling to the floor and walls typically takes around a week.

Fitting off Bathroom Fittings and Fixtures (1 to 3 days)

By now your new bathroom installation should really taking shape. The painter is called in for touch ups. New vanities and cabinetry is installed. The plumber comes in to connect all your chosen PC items like your toilet, bath, basin, tap ware and finish off any other drainage underfloor.

The electrician will do similar and fit off the electrical items (light fittings, switches, fans, and heated towel ladder). Finally new shower screens and accessories (Eg. mirrors, toilet paper holder) are installed.

PHASE 3: Post Construction Phase

Cleaning & A Defect-free Handover (half a day)

Once everything has been installed and had time to cure, we carry out a final clean followed by a final inspection walkthrough to ensure that everything is perfectly to scratch with your standards. With that done, your bathroom is all yours to enjoy!

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