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No matter what some sources will tell you, completing a bathroom renovation under $10,000 in Sydney is totally possible. But going this route may not always the best possible approach for the return-of-investment on your property.

Bathroom Renovations in Sydney under $10000, RJG Group PTY LTD

If you are considering a bathroom renovation in Sydney, we encourage home owners to assess the cost-value of increasing their bathroom renovation budget to boost the value of your property. According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the average amount spent on a bathroom renovation in Australia is approximately $20,000.

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The True Value of a Bathroom Renovation in Sydney

As we’ve mentioned before, a bathroom renovation (completed by licensed bathroom renovators) is a surefire way to increase your property’s value, attract potential buyers if you are selling or tenants if you are renting. If you renovate your bathroom for your own enjoyment, there’s nothing better than a modern new bathroom to make your home feel refreshed.

Second to kitchens, bathrooms are the most profitable rooms to renovate in the Aussie property market, and therefore should be on every investor’s list when it comes to home renovation.

According to LJ Hooker Australia, bathroom renovations have the potential for returns of $4 for every $1 spent! In other words, the dollar amount you invest in your bathroom renovation has the inherent potential to quadruple in the return-of-investment when selling or renting out. Just think about what that return-of-investment looks like in hot property market pockets of Sydney.

How much should I budget for a bathroom renovation in Sydney?

As a general guide, allocating 10 to 20% of the property’s total renovation budget to the bathroom renovation is a realistic starting point.

How can I replace my bathroom cheaply?

A bathroom renovation budget doesn’t always have to be extravagant. Notably, it’s not always necessary to completely demolish your old bathroom to make it look like a new bathroom.

Realistically, any bathroom renovation under $10,000 will likely be a small bathroom backed by cost-effective budget planning and adherence to a firm budget. Generally, a smaller bathroom renovation costs less than bigger bathroom renovations because they account for lower costs per square metre.

But there’s more variables than square metres in determining the cost of a bathroom renovation! Working to the existing bathroom layout can save money. Avoid unexpected costs by choosing a recommended professional company that can help develop a bathroom design that is fit for your budget.

For more ways to save money, check out Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Renovation on a Budget.

How do you remodel a bathroom on a tight budget?

A partial bathroom renovation is often the ticket to keeping your bathroom renovations under $10000. Consider the existing aspects (fixtures and fittings) of your bathroom, are you are willing to work with them for your bathroom renovation. It might be possible to keep the exisiting floor tiles, wall tiles, bathtub, vanity, electrical layout, power points, windows, doors, exhaust fans. Best to consult with a bathroom renovation expert to determine the condition of these existing and the value of a full bathroom renovation vs a partial bathroom renovation.

A bathroom renovation under $10,000 possible to install a new toilet, shower, vanity or bath tub to change the look of the room. Although that isn’t the same as a complete renovation so it means you may still be using the existing tap ware, cupboards, tiles etc.

What costs the most in a bathroom remodel?

Full bathroom renovations with demolition of the existing bathroom space increases the cost quickly. Hence, luxury bathroom renovations with under floor heating, heated towel rails, new plumbing, new electrical work, frames shower screen, premium tiles, premium bathroom fixtures and ample storage space, all come at a higher cost.

If you need to keep your budget down, hold back on pricey mirrors, expensive tapware and basins, heated towel rails, custom shower screen, statement lighting, led mirrors, premium tiles like mosaics and natural stones and under floor heating. Save money by excluding or going budget on these items.

Instead, some of the more high-impact bathroom items to splurge on include your bathtub, premium cabinetry such wall hung vanity, and (believe it or not) a premium toilet.

We sincerely hope that this blog has inspired you to reevaluate your budget and see the value of mid range bathrooms to high-end. For more ways to decrease your bathroom renovation cost, check out Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Renovation on a Budget.

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