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Lets bust a myth about cheap bathroom renovations.

It is totally viable to renovate your old bathroom into a bespoke bathroom space on a budget. You can have stylish bathroom makeover on a budget, one that is specially built to your design tastes, and specifically designed for your personal needs.

A custom modern bathroom renovation doesn’t have to blow the budget.

And here is another bold truth. A high-value bathroom is possible on a low-budget. A cheap bathroom renovation doesn’t have to mean low-value.

When bathroom renovations are designed and project managed effectively in alignment with your overall budget range, it can add a lot more value your property.

On the contrary, poorly completed bathroom renovations by inexperienced renovators can actually decrease your home’s value, have unexpected costs, defects due to poor management.

Custom Bathroom On A Budget

While the cost of renovating bathrooms typically depends on the size and extent of work that needs to be done. Budget bathroom renovations in Sydney typically range from anywhere between $5,000 to $35,000. A luxury bathroom renovation with premium items typically start at the higher end of $35,000 to $95,000.

How to Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation

If you’re seeking to minimise your bathroom renovation budget, there are a few things you can do to save money. We’ve complied a short list of cost effective ways to reduce your bathroom renovation cost.

  • Schedule a visit from recommended bathroom renovation experts like RCJ Group. This is the first step towards getting an accurate quote and inspection. You can treat this visit as a chance to interview the project manager, ask questions, develop trust and learn about the condition of your old bathroom. Your registered builder or licensed renovator will assess the condition of your existing bathroom, offer cost-savings advice, recommendations and work collaboratively with you to develop a bathroom renovation plan that will work with your budget range. The bathroom renovations specialist will assess for any signs of waterproofing failure, cracked tile or grout, floor movement, mould, and the overall state of the walls, fixtures and fittings. Don’t settle for quotes online or over the phone. It is imperative you meet with the bathroom renovation company, so you can get a feel for who you will be potentially dealing with. You need to be comfortable with the person who represents the company and you will only know this face-to-face. Book your Free Measure and Quote with RCJ Group today.
  • Cost-evaluate the cost making big changes to your wet areas. Keeping the existing plumbing footprint of your bathroom is a cost effective way of saving money. By leaving the toilet, wastewater drainage, plumbing and facets/tapware, shower and bathroom fittings, there’s no need for costly new plumbing. Structural changes like moving water supply and/or drainage immediately drives up the cost of any remodel project.
  • Save money with lower-cost look-a-like materials. The design and manufacturing of floor tiles, wall tiles, vanity bench top and sinks has advanced a lot over the past decade. Concrete look tiles, natural stone look tiles, industrial look tiles and other new tiles on the market are in popular demand trending and really affordable these days. Mimicking the luxury bathroom renovation look, these look a like tiles add that wow factor without the high cost. While you’re at it, ditch out dated vinyl and decades old tap ware.
  • Consider keeping or up-cycling your existing cabinets, bathroom vanity, windows and doors, exhaust fans, electrical work. Changing the layout of your bathroom requires substantially more rework to re-route your existing plumbing or electrical work. It make a lot more economic sense to plan and work with the
  • Recognise the long-term value of installing a new bathroom ventilation system or a larger window for more ventilation and natural light.  Dark, humid, unventilated bathrooms are a recipe for mould growth and energy consumption. Avoid mould at all costs.
  • Decide on the design, style and fixtures in your bathroom. Create a bathroom renovation mood board. Save photos of your favourite bathroom layout and designs. A bathroom on a budget can have a high impact with low-cost bathroom products like bathroom fixtures, new accessories, new mirror, new shower screen.
  • Speak with your bathroom renovation expert about opting for more painted surface area, with less tile on the walls. It’s a hot trend to install wall tiles from floor -to-ceiling (whole bathroom), due to the luxury aesthetic impact that it has to tile the entire surface of the bathroom walls. Shower areas and wet areas including the bath area typically require more tile surface area due to waterproofing. However, it’s often possible to reduce the square metre usage of wall tiles away from the shower. The use of a skirting tile is often the most economic way to tile a bathroom on a budget.
  • Realise the real cost of bathroom luxuries. You may want floor heating, freestanding bath, custom joinery, LED lighting, wall to wall shower niche, heated towel rails, premium tap ware, frameless shower screens. All of these are possible but these items typically come with a hefty price tag. So if you are trying to reduce your bathroom renovation cost, then try limiting some of the mentioned items.
  • While there’s a ton of ambitious blog articles on the web, pushing DIY budget bathroom renovation tasks to make cost-savings. We strongly recommend and advise against attempting to do your own plumbing, electrical, tiling, waterproofing and installations in your bathroom. There are serious health, safety, cost and quality control risks that should only be completed by trained, qualified and licensed trade professionals.
  • Choose your bathroom renovation company with due diligence. Do some research on the company. Google Reviews, testimonials and recommendations speak miles about the real world customer experience and quality of work that the company provides.

We sincerely hope that this blog has informed and inspired you to take the next step to actualise your bathroom renovation dreams.

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We work closely with you so that you get the modern bathroom design according to your specific demands and budget. We offer free advice and recommend ideas, provide end-to-end project management of your bathroom renovation.