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Choosing the Right Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles

Bathroom tiles play an instrumental role in shaping the interior design of your home.

Often the star of the show, the wall and floor tiles that you choose can have an incredible impact on the final result, creating the setting, character, looks, appeal and feel of the bathroom.

That’s why its important to understand the ins-and-outs of selecting the right tiles for your new bathroom.

With so many amazing tile options these days, we understand that it can feel overwhelming browsing through the wide selection of bathroom tiles available.

To help you navigate your options and make the right decision for your bathroom renovation, we’ve created a concise Sydney buyers guide to help you nail your dream bathroom in alignment with the latest trends.

No matter what vibe you are looking to create, RJG Group has got your back.

Why Choose Bathroom Tiles

Being a wet area, tiles are an unbeatable choice for bathroom renovations. Tiles have proven functionality, durability and aesthetic value for thousands of years. Water resistant, allergy-free, low-maintenance, scratch resistant, low VOC, pet-friendly and beautiful, tiles are one of the most practical construction products ever made.

Where to Buy Bathroom Tiles in Sydney

Shopping for bathroom tiles can be a pretty time-consuming process but it’s a worthwhile one.

Sydney is littered with high quality tile stores and shopping for tiles online has become an increasingly popular trend for bathroom renovations due to ease of browsing and the rise of tile samples delivered direct to your door for free or for a small fee. Tiles stores often have highly experienced bathroom interior designers and design experts with an eye for bathroom design.

Before venturing out, we recommend talking to your bathroom renovation specialist who could save you a lot of time by viewing their pre-designed tile supply packages or point you in the right direction to their most trusted tiles stores.

A few of our preferred Sydney tile suppliers include: Beaumont Tiles, Highgrove Bathrooms & Reece.

The Difference between Wall & Floor Tiles

The biggest difference is that many floor tiles can be used on both the bathroom floor and bathroom wall. Whilst many wall tiles are typically only suitable for the wall (due to their ratings).

Bathroom floor tiles are typically a lot denser and more heavy-duty compared to wall tiles. Bathroom floor tiles generally have suitable wear ratings and indicative slip resistance ratings to suit the demands of wet-areas and outdoor applications.

Which tiles are best for bathroom floors and walls?

The best tiles for your project are the ones best suited to the application and the design of your dream bathroom.

Typically porcelain tiles are the most popular tile for bathroom floor applications due to their lower cost, durability, higher wear ratings, low moisture absorption and the variety of designs available.

Wall tiles don’t need to be as heavy-duty compared to floor tiles, so there’s a lot more freedom to get creative with wall tile selection. Many Sydney home-owners opt to use bright, colourful or textured tiles for their bathroom walls, like subways with a herringbone pattern, large format tiles or mosaic feature walls for a wow-factor.

If a floor area receives heavy traffic, a harder wearing floor tile like porcelain floor tiles or terrazzo floor tiles will likely be best. If you want fewer grout lines (less maintenance) choose larger floor tiles.

Types of Wall & Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles are perhaps the most popular tile sold today. A type of refined clay tile that is baked at a higher temperature than ceramic, makes it even more durable and less prone to staining, chipping and cracking. Think: cement-look tiles, concrete-look tiles, natural stone look tiles, pattern tiles, encaustic look tiles, matt white tiles, gloss white tiles etc.

Price range: Budget to High-end

Ceramic tile is another crowd favourite. A popular choice for wall tiles. Made from kiln-firing clay at super-high temperatures, ceramic tiles vary in density so be sure to check with your tile specialist to see if they are suitable for walls, floors or both. Think: subway tiles, handmade tiles, kit-kat tiles, penny round tiles.

Price Range: Budget to High-end

Cement or encaustic tile for a high-end feel. More porous than clay tile, but it’s one of the few tile flooring types that can be refinished. It has be sealed for protection. Think: colourful patterned tiles or hexagon tiles.

Price Range: Mid-range to High-end

Natural Stones will forever be reserved as luxury. Natural stone tiles include options like slate, granite, marble tiles, limestone, sandstone and travertine tiles. These types of tiles offer natural variation, so no two pieces of stone tile are exactly alike. Sealing is required to protect the surface. Think: travertine tiles, polished marble tiles

Price Range: High-end

Mosaic tiles add major wow-factor. For a winning cost-effective option, choose mosiacs as feature tiles for one feature wall in the bathroom. Mosaics are repeated patterns of tile that are formed from a combination of reoccurring tile sizes, colors and shapes, set in a sheet for installation. Typically more expensive and time consuming to install. Think: penny rounds, kit-kat tiles, pool tiles, specialty tiles.

Price Range: Mid-range to High-end

Terracotta tiles for a handmade and earthy effect. Baked-earth translated in Italian, highly porous, natural looking, sometimes glazed with colours. They sometimes require sealing to prevent staining. Think: Mexican tile tiles, European style tiles, subway tiles

Price Range: Mid-range to High-end

Terrazo is a trending tile with bespoke vibes for the contemporary look. A composite material of marble chips set into coloured cement, terrazzo originated in 16th-century Italy as a way to reuse stone offcuts. Strikingly beautiful.

Price Range: Mid-range to High-end

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